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Upper School

A significant portion of parent communication in the Upper School is generated by faculty and administrators in specific program areas, such as arts, athletics, the Dean of Students, academic departments and Grade Coordinators. In addition, the Upper School Principal uses both grade-wide mailings and emails and a number of evening meetings to keep parents informed. The Upper School Principal typically leads three Town Hall meetings. These meetings are grade-level focused and parents are welcome to ask questions at these meetings.



The following is a general overview of other Upper School parent communications:


Emails / Mail

  • Welcome email to parents of new 9th graders previewing summer communications from NA – Summer

  • Grade-level Welcome Back-to-School letters to students and parents – Summer

  • Grade-level letters for parents of 9th, 10th and 11th grade students each fall

  • A cover letter accompanying student grade reports at each of the four grading junctures (fall semester midterm, fall semester final grades, spring semester midterm, spring semester final grades)

  • Informational emails on PSATs and Pre-ACT exams sent to 10th and 11th grade parents

  • Informational emails on course registration for the next academic year are sent to parents of 9th, 10th and 11th grade students

  • Emails to parents of 12th grade students about the college search process and graduation

Meetings (please check the school calendar for specific dates)

  • Town Halls with the Upper School Principal – hosted by NAPA; typically four times each year, presentations will be available in the Resource Section on NA’s website (see page 20 for dates)

  • Upper School Parents Night – Fall

  • Advisor Conferences for Students, Advisors and Parents – Fall

  • Individualized planning sessions with every 10th grade student. Most students include their parents in this long-term planning meeting – Fall/Winter.

  • Off-Campus Study Meeting (evening) – Winter

  • Peer Group Dialogue Night for 9th Grade Students and their Parents – Winter

  • International Baccalaureate Information (evening) – Winter

  • 10th Grade Parent “Looking Ahead” Meeting (evening) – Spring

  • 9th through 11th Grade Course Registration (evening) – Spring

  • Senior – Family Dessert – Spring

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