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Recommended social distancing will be maintained in all classrooms, both indoors and outdoors, as follows: 

Outdoor Spaces

Whenever possible, Newark Academy will make use of the outdoor spaces on campus for classes and co-curricular activities. This will include the transformation of 15 outdoor spaces into modified classrooms, with the use of tents and an expansion of the Wi-Fi footprint.

COVID-19 Classrooms, Sept 26, 2020_15.JP

Spaces During Unscheduled Time

Students are encouraged to use designated areas of the campus during unscheduled time. This year students will be informed of available spaces during their free periods where room capacities will be posted and need to be adhered to.  Many “free”  classrooms will be available for group work, for extra-help sessions, and for spending time together.  Available large areas will be shared by the Class Deans for those periods when many members of 1 grade are free.  

This year students are especially encouraged to use several outside areas. These include six natural courtyards, 2 outdoor classrooms, trail system, Par-Course, fields and the front circle lawn. In addition, the outdoor classroom tents may be used when no class is present.


Information regarding available spaces for use during unscheduled times will be provided by scanning the QR code on this page as well as on the monitors throughout the building. Class Deans will also inform students of available spaces during unscheduled times.

Indoor Spaces


The use of indoor spaces will be reimagined. Large indoor spaces will be transformed into new classrooms, accommodating 100 percent of students, while smaller classrooms will serve as additional space for use when students and faculty are not in class. 

Social distancing will be reflected in the placement of furniture and desks. Seats within the classrooms will be set at 6-feet apart. 

Plastic partitions will be installed on office desks and in some other campus spaces (where needed). Plastic partitions will also be installed in spaces reserved for indoor dining as well as in restrooms.

Students must follow our social distancing guidelines and remain 6 feet apart throughout the school day, including in class and advisory group meetings. You will see floor markings and signage around the NA campus to help you navigate our one-way corridors and maintain room capacities. 

Lockers will be accessible at the beginning and end of the day.  We ask that you please do not loiter at your locker and wait patiently in a distanced area if others are using their lockers nearby.  

Signs will be posted outside all bathrooms listing capacity and reminding community members to queue outside if capacity has been reached. In order to prevent crowding, all community members will be encouraged, when possible, to use bathrooms during class periods rather than during passing time.

Traffic Flow

The traffic flow on campus will be redesigned for efficiency and safety, including one-way stairways and corridors in select locations. When walking through the hallways, students and employees must maintain 6 feet of distance and stay to the right. There will be designated "rest areas" at intersections throughout the hallway. One-way staircases will be accessible for the science labs, Middle School, and Field House. 

Free Spaces on Campus 9-4-20 at 11.24 AM

Locate an available space by scanning the QR code below.

COVID-19 Classrooms, Sept 26, 2020_18.JP


Please review the Student and Parent Handbook for further information. The Student and Parent Handbook can be found on the MyNA Resource Page under the “Important Documents” Tile.

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