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Middle School

Middle School parent communications are designed to help parents understand and support their child’s experience at Newark Academy. The Principal of the Middle School conducts several meetings, open to all parents, to keep parents informed. Parents are welcome to ask questions at these meetings. 


The following is a general overview of Middle School parent communication activities:


Emails / Mail

  • Grade-level letters for parents with students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade are mailed each fall

  • A cover letter accompanying student grade reports at each of the four grading junctures (fall semester midterm, fall semester final grades, spring semester midterm, spring semester final grades)

  • Minutes from Parent Town Halls with the Middle School Principal

  • Informational emails on grade trips and events taking place for the class

  • Informational emails on course registration for the next academic year

  • A mailing in late April that provides details on all of the end-of-year events and Capstone trips

Meetings (please check the school calendar for specific dates)

  • Town Halls with the Middle School Principal – hosted by NAPA; typically five times each year

  • 6th through 8th Grade Course Registration (evening) – Spring

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