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How We Communicate



All Newark Academy parents will receive a weekly electronic newsletter delivered to the email address(es) you provide in your profile on the Newark Academy website. This newsletter will contain:

  • A Calendar of Events for the coming week

  • Separate sections for All-School news, Upper School news and Middle School news

  • Action Items to inform parents of pending deadlines, any payments required (e.g. permission slips for trips, fees for AP exams, etc.) and “must attend” meetings for parents

News related to events, programs, and meetings of the Newark Academy Parents Association (NAPA) will be sent in separate emails from NAPA.


Newark Academy seeks to build community and share our students’ successes through a variety of social media channels. Social media is not used as a primary means of delivering essential information to NA parents. Parents seeking information should consult the Parent eNewsletter and MyNA.

Newark Academy’s social media channels are as follows:
 (Official NA Facebook page) (NAPApage) (NA Alumni page)
















Newark Academy Alumni


Newark Academy views the safety and security of its students as paramount. In situations arising from inclement weather, local disasters or breaches of Newark Academy security, Newark Academy administrators will make every effort to communicate with parents as quickly as possible after students have been made safe.

Newark Academy uses an emergency alert system to communicate to NA parents when school is closed due to inclement weather or in other emergency situations. This system enables NA to communicate with parents via:

  • An automated phone call and/or text message to multiple phones or devices

  • A bulletin on MyNA.

The increased communications speed fostered by technology creates an expectation of instantaneous notification in emergencies, school evacuations or other types of unplanned events.


Newark Academy asks for understanding and cooperative support from parents when such events occur and will make every effort to communicate all pertinent information as quickly as possible.

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