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Dean of Students

The Dean of Students is responsible for a wide range of activities, events and processes for students in the Upper School and also has direct responsibility for managing Upper School student discipline related to the NA Code of Conduct. 

Given the wide range of responsibilities, the Dean of Students communicates with parents using various channels including parent group meetings, grade-level meetings and individual student and parent meetings. In terms of written communications, the Dean of Students publishes the annual Student-Parent Handbook, which is reviewed with students at an early advisor group meeting. Parents should access an online version of the document on MyNA.


Parent eNewsletter / Upper School Emails

Parents will receive a number of event-related emails that impact their students’ schedule outside the normal school day.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Additional information about COVID-19 precautions related to these events and programs will be communicated as it becomes available. In certain cases, events and programs will need to be virtual; in other cases, events may need to be cancelled, rescheduled, or re-envisioned.


These types of emails cover Upper School activities and/or programs, including:

  • Welcome Back Information

  • Reminders about activities in the opening days of school

  • Plans and reminders about permission slips for field trips

  • Student Activities Fair – informing parents that their students will have the opportunity to select extracurricular activities for the year.

  • Spirit Week & Homecoming – information on the week’s schedule and all related activities will be sent to all Upper School parents in the Parent eNewsletter and will be published on the Newark Academy web calendar (the Middle School principal will communicate to Middle School parents on this topic).

  • Immersion Information Night – reminding all Upper School parents to attend an evening information session regarding the specifics of the Immersion Experience requirement and immersion opportunities available for the coming year.

  • Spring into Service – a flyer and explanation of scheduled community service events and activities available to the students will be published in the Parent eNewsletter. Upon receipt of this information, parents may wish to consult with their student about the progress he/she is making on fulfillment of the community service hours requirement.

Grade Level Parent Emails

The Dean of Students, along with the Class Deans for Grade 9 through 12, will communicate with parents of a specific grade for information pertaining to:

  • Class Events – schedule, details, permission slip requirements

  • 9th Grade Scavenger Hunt and Midnight Madness – drop off and pick-up times, schedule for the evening and permission slip

  • 9th Grade Frosh Fridays – a series of planned events for students in 9th grade beginning in the fall. Emails will be sent in advance of individual events.

  • Senior Events including Graduation – the Dean of Students, in conjunction with the Graduation Coordinator, will contact students about senior year details including graduation. The Head of School sends a letter to parents with details about graduation week, including senior-project presentations, senior/parent dessert, graduation, project graduation and senior prom.

Club or Student Group Parent Emails

The Dean of Students along with the Faculty Advisors for student groups will email parents in advance of any off-campus travel. These emails will include any required parent-student meetings, travel itineraries, required permission slips, and deadline for payment of fees for the trip.

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